Jenkintown Library

The Jenkintown Library Annual Fund

Jenkintown Library is a nonprofit organization that receives state and local funding but also depends on generous contributions from friends and patrons. Your tax-deductible gift each year to the Annual Fund makes up the difference between what tax dollars cover and the actual cost of running the library. The Annual Fund is like a checking account for the library that helps us sustain and build our educational programs and collections, serve our patrons' technology needs, and literally keep our lights on. Though we call it an Annual Fund, donations come in all year long, and we appreciate them at any time during the year. This ongoing support is vital to help us meet public funding shortfalls that happen all year long.



The Jenkintown Library RAISE FOR THE ROOF Capital Campaign

Unlike an Annual Fund, a capital campaign is a fundraising effort that typically helps pay for brick-and-mortar building projects that have a start and an end. In the case of Jenkintown Library, we are raising $100,000 for a new roof that will be installed in the summer of 2015. During the period of our Capital Campaign, Jenkintown Library is asking patrons and friends to make gifts to both funds, just as you might pay for your mortgage every month while at the same time installing a new roof on your house. We must continue to meet our operating costs while also making major improvements. See our giving levels here. Gifts of $500 or more to our Raise for the Roof campaign will be acknowledged in a permanent display at the library.



How to Make a Donation

There are many ways to donate to the Jenkintown Library for our Annual Fund and our Capital Campaign – by Paypal, regular mail or in person at the library. In addition to gifts of cash, we welcome gifts of securities and will provide you with information on how to transfer such assets to Jenkintown Library. Gifts of all sizes are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Consider the following “giving ideas”:

Be sure you are on our email list so you get information about our fundraiser events! You can sign up for our email list at the library or by sending a request to the library via email.


Books and Other Materials

Would you like to donate a book in honor of someone?  Click here for a printable form.

The library is happy to accept your gently used books during business hours.


Giving Levels

$1-$99 Bookworm
$100-$249 Editor
$250-$499 Publisher
$500-$999 Bibliophile
$1000-$1,499 Scholar
$1,500-$2,499 Author
$2,500-$4,900 Best Seller
$5,000+ Pulitzers